ASKER, NORWAY (19 February 2015) - TGS announces the extension of its Declaration Multi-WAZ Survey in the Mississippi Canyon and DeSoto Canyon protraction areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

The extension represents a minimum 2,000 km2 of additional data to be acquired by CGG using the single pass vessel configuration derived from its StagSeisTM technology. This technology will better image deep structural elements and improve subsalt and salt flank illumination. The extension is based on early observations from the fast track migration of phase one of the Declaration project.

Kristian Johansen, COO for TGS commented that, "Expanding the survey to cover the extent of the current Jurassic Norphlet fairway will provide industry-leading data for current and future exploration and development objectives."

Acquisition of the extension is expected to be completed in Q2 2015, followed by fast track deliverables and final imaging products in 2016.