ASKER (20 November 2014) - TGS announces that it has signed a Letter of Award (LOA) with Seabird Exploration to acquire up to 300,000 km of 2D seismic data over Mexico and US Atlantic waters. The LOA provides TGS access to charter up to six seismic vessels over a period of approximately 36 months.  This activity is expected to commence in 2015 subject to the issuance of seismic acquisition permits from the relevant authorities.  

"TGS is pleased to have secured customer funding and access to seismic vessels for the regional 2D activity that is targeted for 2015" stated Rod Starr, Senior VP Western Hemisphere for TGS.  "There is a high level of oil company interest in Mexico and US Atlantic and we believe that these will be important regions for future exploration".

This announcement is further to a Letter of Intent issued 1 April 2014 for Mexico which was announced 2 April 2014.