Asker, Norway, Houston, Texas (January 5, 2009) - TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS) announced today that it is acquiring a new Multi-Client 3D survey in the DeSoto Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico. Named "Hernando", the new survey covers a 300 OCS block (6,900 sq. km) area. 

The MV BOS Arctic has already acquired approximately 25% of the project and is scheduled to complete the acquisition in May of 2009. The project deliverables will include Pre-Stack Time Migration as well as Anisotropic Kirchhoff and Wave Equation Pre-Stack Depth Migrations. Gravity data is also being collected along with the seismic data. 

"The Hernando survey will provide 3D data over a geological trend that was actively leased in the last Central Gulf of Mexico lease sale and also an area that has not been available for exploration during the last 20 years," said Kim Abdallah, Vice President of New Ventures for TGS. "We are working closely with our customers to create data products that will be critical in their evaluation of these new emerging plays." 

This project is supported by industry funding and participants will receive fast track data covering a 1,100 sq km area prior to the March 2009 Lease Sale.