ASKER, NORWAY (25 May 2016) - TGS announces the expansion of its multi-client library offshore Eastern Canada, with plans to acquire approximately 2,000 km² of 3D seismic data, in partnership with PGS.  The survey will be acquired utilizing the PGS GeoStreamer® technology. Data acquisition will commence during the summer season 2016. Pre-processing of the initial GeoStreamer signal will be performed by PGS following which TGS will perform data processing with final data available to client in Q3 2017.

This new data will strengthen the existing portfolio of 3D datasets. Currently the library consist of over 112,000 km of modern 2D data and 9,172 km² of 3D data, owned jointly with PGS, in addition to 83,700 km of TGS vintage data. A map of the survey can be found here.

"We are building upon our extensive knowledge derived from previous 3Ds and the multi-year 2D programs acquired in partnership with PGS. This project will provide valuable data to exploration companies to further de-risk their prospects, "commented Kristian Johansen, CEO, TGS.  

This project is supported by industry funding.