HOUSTON (27 September 2011) - TGS has commenced the acquisition of a new multi-client 3D seismic survey offshore Sierra Leone.  This survey marks over ten years of investment for TGS in the West African region and will add 1,038 km2 to the existing TGS data library.  Upon completion, TGS will have over 6,200 km2 of contiguous multi-client 3D data offshore Sierra Leone.  The new 3D seismic will provide important data for continued exploration on the Sierra Leone segment of the West Africa Transform Margin, where recent discoveries have established that a working hydrocarbon system exists. 

The seismic data is being acquired by the M/V GeoCarribean and is scheduled to complete during Q4 2011.  Data processing will be performed by TGS and data will be available to clients in Q1 2012.  

The survey is supported by industry funding.