Oslo, Norway (15 May 2019) – TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS) today announced the release of its new well log prediction tool – Analytics Ready LAS (ARLAS).

ARLAS log prediction algorithms, part of TGS’ AI initiatives, will calculate missing log curves and fill in gaps to give customers complete coverage from top to bottom, standardized, and ready for optimal analytic results. Using as little as one Gamma Ray, Bulk Density, Neutron Porosity, Sonic Pwave, or Deep Resistivity curve, TGS’ prediction algorithms can turn every LAS into a complete Quad-Combo suite.

Analytics Ready LAS uses a series of high-density data and blind testing, with over 75 different machine learning models used in each basin, producing incredible details and accuracies well above 90% for most curves.

 “As a technology leader and our commitment to the oil and energy digital transformation, TGS is excited to offer ARLAS to our customers, so they can evaluate large complex areas quickly and more efficiently,” said Arvind Sharma, Vice President, Data & Analytics, TGS. “With the ability to combine ARLAS with additional data inputs for complex modeling and sweet spot detection, E&Ps and investors can now accelerate decision making for acquisitions, prospect generation, development, production and divestment.”

 Complete coverage of all 300,000+ wells in the Permian basin is now available as well as 170,000+ wells in the Anadarko basin. ARLAS will be available to all US onshore areas by the end of 2019.

For more information about ARLAS, visit TGS’ new website TGS.ai or visit the Company at the upcoming American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Annual Convention & Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas May 20-22, 2019.

Permian Basin Sonic Log Cross-Section Before and After ARLAS Processing.

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