HOUSTON, TEXAS (7 August 2014) - TGS announces a multi-year collaboration agreement with FairfieldNodal to develop, plan and execute multi-client Full Azimuth Nodal (FANTM) seismic surveys across a substantial area within the U.S. Gulf of Mexico shelf region.  This initiative will combine FairfieldNodal's proven Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) Z700 technology and operating experience with TGS' leading imaging solutions and long history as a leading data provider in the Gulf of Mexico. The terms of the collaboration provide a solid platform under which TGS will offer industry leading seismic data solutions to support the re-emergence of the shelf region.

"Ocean bottom data acquisition offers a step-change in the seismic image that we can provide to our customers in this area," stated Rod Starr, Senior VP Western Hemisphere for TGS. "This new full azimuth, long-offset data will support existing production delineation and enhance long term exploration. TGS is committed to deploying the latest technologies to cement its position as a leading provider of multi-client geoscience data.

"We are excited to work with the TGS team to deliver modern ocean bottom data and continue to lead the industry with advanced deployment and application of OBN technology," stated Joe Dryer, VP FairfieldNodal.

The details of the individual projects to be completed under this agreement will be announced separately.