Perth, Australia (17 February 2009) - TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company Pty Ltd (TGS) announced today that it began acquisition of a new 9,550 kilometer multi-client 2D survey offshore West Sumatra, Indonesia.

The new Sumatra survey is designed to complement the existing Northwest Sumatra and Sunda seismic, bathymetric and coring data acquired as part of the expansive TGS IndoDeep program. The IndoDeep program, previously referred to as Indonesia Frontier Basin, was acquired and interpreted from 2006 to 2008. It includes 34,000 kilometres of 2D seismic, 400,000 kilometres of multi-beam bathymetric data and 1,200 cores samples covering approximately 1 million square kilometers of Indonesia's deep-water basins. This integrated dataset continues generating significant industry interest.

The initial interpretation of the Northwest Sumatra and Sunda IndoDeep programs has indicated that all the elements of a potential petroleum system are present in the new survey area. Supported by industry funding, the new project includes both long offset 2D seismic and gravity data acquired by the MV Mezen.

"When TGS initiated the IndoDeep program in 2006 the company was confident it would help rewrite the geology of Indonesia" said Rod Starr, General Manager - Asia Pacific for TGS. He continued, "This new Seismic program offshore Sumatra was identified by the IndoDeep program and we are excited to include additional data in the area in order to clarify the hydrocarbon potential."

TGS plans to continue its expansion of the IndoDeep program, as well as grow its reach across Asia Pacific with all its products and services. "Our offering of high quality multi-client seismic data with the latest seismic processing technology in the region is under constant development, stated Starr. "We will also introduce new offerings including geologic, interpretation, and well data services", stated Starr.