PERTH, AUSTRALIA  (20 December 2011) - TGS has commenced acquisition of a new 3D multi-client seismic survey, Mary Rose Northeast,  which covers 3,100 km2 over the Exmouth Plateau in the Carnarvon Basin, offshore NW Australia.  This survey is located over parts of blocks WA-365-P, WA-346-P and W10-21 to the Northeast of the previously announced NW Australia survey (Mary Rose) in October 2011.  Upon completion of this survey, the TGS portfolio of 3D multi-client coverage in this highly prospective area offshore Australia will exceed 11,500 km2.

The seismic data is being acquired by the M/V Geo Atlantic and will be complete in Q1 2012.  A fast track volume will be available to the industry in Q2 2012 with final data available for the full survey in Q4 2012.  The survey is supported by industry funding.

Mary Rose 3D Ext 120911