Houston (3 May 2010) - TGS states that the recent rig fire and subsequent spill in the Gulf of Mexico on Mississippi Canyon block 252 is located within the boundaries of the TGS Justice Wide Azimuth (WAZ) survey.

The Justice WAZ survey began in January of 2010 and was anticipated to complete midyear 2010. The acquisition was temporarily halted on 20 April 2010 when all nearby vessels were called to aid in the rig accident. After being released by the coast guard less than 24 hours later, the vessels re-initiated data acquisition in the Justice WAZ survey and operations continued until the morning of 30 April 2010.
On 30 April 2010 the Coast Guard established a vessel exclusion zone in the area of the resulting oil spill. Due to safety concerns, the WAZ crew was advised to leave the current survey area in order to allow complete access for the ongoing spill containment and dispersant efforts. 

On 30 April 2010, TGS moved the WAZ crew into an adjacent project area away from the exclusion zone. It is planned that the WAZ crew will continue to acquire multi-client data in this nearby area until more information regarding the duration of the cleanup effort is available. Although it is TGS' intention to return to the Justice project as soon as conditions allow, this incident is expected to affect the timing of the completion of the ongoing Justice WAZ Survey. Management will issue updates as conditions change.

The TGS core values include responsibility to the environment and the safety of personnel involved in its operations. TGS will fully comply with all restrictions established in relation to this tragic incident and seek to assist wherever possible.