ASKER, NORWAY (18 May 2011) - TGS commences the 2011 summer season with three 2D surveys in cooperation with Fugro; North Sea Renaissance 2011(NSR11), Mid-Norway Regional 2011 (MNR11) and Norwegian Barents Sea 2011 (NBR11).  The data to be collected includes approximately 10,000 km for NSR11 which is a regional infill West of Shetland utilizing the M/V Bergen Surveyor, approximately 10,000 km for MNR 11 which is a regional infill in the Norwegian Sea utilizing the M/V Akademik Shatskiyand approximately 10,000 km for NBR11 which is a regional infill in the Barents Sea utilizing the M/V Akademik Lazarev.

The above mentioned projects will enable TGS to continue building on the successful regional long offset grid in NW Europe.  Upon completion of the 2011 acquisition season, the long offset grid will total approximately 285,000 km.  The new long offset projects together with the previous year's programs will be important for companies in the early exploration phase as well as for license round preparation in both Norway and the UK.  
The data will be jointly processed by TGS and Fugro and time and depth products will begin to be delivered later this year.   Completion of all three projects is scheduled for the end of Q1 2012.  

These projects are supported by industry funding.