HOUSTON, Texas (28 August 2023) – TGS, the leading global provider of energy data and intelligence, announced today an exclusive collaboration agreement with Apparition Geoservices GmbH (Apparition). During the agreement term of 4 years, TGS and Apparition will collaborate through joint research, development and testing to fully commercialize Apparition technology in ocean bottom node, towed streamer and XHR data acquisition programs. This collaboration will allow TGS and Apparition to jointly provide integrated, encoded simultaneous source acquisition solutions to drive the next level of efficiency in seismic surveys. 

Apparition has developed and offers, through its Seismic Apparition® methodology, advanced seismic data acquisition techniques using multiple sources for seismic surveys. With multiple simultaneous sources, Seismic Apparition® can provide significant productivity gains, densely sampled shot grids, data with high fold and SNR and enhanced low-frequency content. 

TGS Acquisition will use the Apparition methodology to improve efficiency and increase trace density on their OBN and towed streamer surveys. 

Carel Hooijkaas, EVP of Acquisition at TGS, said, "The collaboration with Apparition will allow us to further develop the Apparition methodology and can bring significant improvements in operational efficiency, ultimately reducing the time to acquire our acquisition programs. This collaboration is another example of TGS' commitment to providing cutting-edge geophysical solutions, allowing our customers to make better and more informed decisions."

Johan Robertsson, President of Apparition Geoservices, said, “We are excited to announce this collaboration agreement with TGS and look forward to the opportunity to extend the capabilities of our Apparition methodology together. This agreement will help increase industry adoption and improve operational efficiency and data quality for OBN, streamer and XHR surveys. TGS’ global market share affords us a wider customer base and global footprint to build our market presence.”    

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