TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA will release the financial results for the 2nd quarter of 2009 on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at approximately 08.00 CET.

Investor Presentation and Webcast 
Robert Hobbs (CEO) and Arne Helland (CFO) will present the results at 08.30 hrs CET the same morning at Shippingklubben located at Haakon VII's gt 1 in Oslo, Norway. The presentation is open to the public. The presentation can be followed live on the internet at streamed by Webcast Norge.

A recorded version of the presentation will be available shortly thereafter at

Conference Call
Robert Hobbs (CEO) and Arne Helland (CFO) will host a conference call at 14:00 CET (8:00 AM in New York). Norwegian attendees are invited to call 800 80 119 and international attendees are invited to call +47 23 000 400. Attendees may want to call 5-10 minutes before the scheduled call to ensure registration and access. A Q&A session will follow a short introduction, based upon the presentation issued in the morning. To pose a question, please press *1.

A recorded version of the conference call will be available shortly there after at, or to access replay of the conference call:

• dial +47 67 894 091 
• account number: 1193 followed by # (pound-sign) 
• press 1 
• conference number: 193 followed by # (pound-sign) 
• press 1 to play

Please call Arne Helland at +47 66 76 99 31/+47 91 88 78 29 should you need more information about this.