OSLO, Norway (27 February 2024) – TGS, a global provider of energy data and intelligence, has announced the official release of the FMB Cloud app, marking a fundamental enhancement to its highly respected Facies Map Browser (FMB) platform, which provides geoscientists with a best-in-class standardized and interpreted well dataset. The new, cloud-based architecture provides users a flexible and convenient means to access critical subsurface data from anywhere.

FMB Cloud provides comprehensive access to well-based stratigraphic interpretation and sequence-constrained facies maps. It is an invaluable resource that, with integrated tools, enables the user to perform a range of visualization, manipulation and data analysis techniques, resulting in increased levels of geologic knowledge and accelerated regional hydrocarbon and carbon storage assessments.

David Hajovsky, Executive Vice President, Multi Client, said: “The release of the FMB Cloud app marks a significant milestone for our portfolio of Interpretive Products. This strategic investment empowers our FMB clients with a modern, quick and efficient software platform that provides a significant edge in regional exploration to fast-track basin development understanding and shorten cycle times.”

The TGS Facies Map Browser has been a popular tool for thousands of geologists across the global oil and gas industry and those looking to identify and grade areas potentially suitable for carbon storage on CCS projects. The industry’s most complete well data suite utilizes digital wireline logs, scanned image files, drilling reports, lithology and biostratigraphic information to provide high-quality log data coupled with expert geological interpretation. The result is a standardized, workstation-ready and geologically consistent dataset that reduces risks and accelerates exploration.


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