TGS Renaissance Seismic Program Grows with 2009 Acquisition Plan

Asker, Norway (May 12, 2009) - The seventh season of the TGS Renaissance 2D seismic program in partnership with Fugro AS has commenced. This regional grid of long offset and long record seismic data has been expanding since 2003 and is located in the North Sea, the Mid-Norway and the Barents Seas.

The 2009 seismic acquisition plan includes 40,000 kilometers of data that will be located in all three of the survey areas. A minimum of five seismic vessels will be used to acquire the survey and the processed data will be available to industry at the end of 2009. Upon completion of the 2009 acquisition plan, the TGS data library will contain a total of approximately 220,000 kilometers of regional Renaissance data.

"We are very pleased with the progress and industry acceptance of the Renaissance Program," said Kjell Trommestad, VP and General Manager, EU/RU for TGS. Kjell continued, "The program was designed to enhance the subsurface image deeper in the earth and has proven valuable to our customer's exploration efforts. The continued interest and support of these underwriters has allowed the program to grow each year and we are already working on plans for the 2010 season."

The 2009 acquisition program is supported by industry funding.