OSLO, Norway (20 December 2023) – TGS, a leading global provider of energy data and intelligence, has been awarded a three-month proprietary Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) data acquisition contract in the North Sea for a repeat customer. The project's acquisition will begin in Q2 2024.

Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS, commented: “This project, for a major energy customer, further highlights the integral role OBN acquisition has in providing our clients improved seismic data quality and help them make better reservoir development decisions.”

TGS remains committed to delivering exceptional value to its customers through this endeavor, emphasizing the pivotal role that OBN technology plays in advancing seismic data quality. The Company's dedication to innovation ensures that clients receive reliable data and gain unparalleled insights for informed decision-making.

About TGS
TGS provides scientific data and intelligence to companies active in the energy sector. In addition to a global, extensive and diverse energy data library, TGS offers specialized services such as advanced processing and analytics alongside cloud-based data applications and solutions.

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