Houston, TEXAS (10 August 2021) – Further reinforcing its commitment to ESG and its employees, TGS, a global provider of energy data and intelligence, today announced that it is set to install a landmark solar energy parking canopy at its operational headquarters in Houston, Texas. Consisting of 1,700 modules, the installation is projected to boast an annual output of 929,034 kilowatt hours of energy – creating a unique approach to achieving the Company’s net-zero targets. The TGS solar energy parking canopy is also marked as one of the most innovative and largest solar panel projects in the Houston area.

The project is comprised of 5 solar arrays that will cover the employee parking lot, providing employees with an abundance of shady spaces protected from the southern sunshine. The solar canopies are estimated to subsidize the headquarters’ daily energy costs and consumption by providing approximately 60% of the electricity consumed by the Houston office. This amounts to a 30% reduction in TGS’ global office emissions. TGS’ solar energy parking canopy will avoid 1.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually, which is equivalent to planting almost 11,000 trees every year (source: EPA equivalencies calculator) and will contribute to a more stable and resilient Texas electricity grid.

Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS, commented, “The decision to install a solar canopy in the employee parking lot of our Houston headquarters is both financially and environmentally beneficial. Solar is progressively affordable and will provide TGS cost savings over time as energy is produced year over year. Also, for several years our employees have requested covered parking and we are excited to provide a solution that satisfies this request and provides a sustainable solution in line with our net-zero initiatives.

Earlier this year, TGS announced our commitment to being net-zero in our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030. A critical part of achieving this strategy is transitioning our offices to renewable energy sources. For example, our Oslo headquarters already utilize hydropower, and we are proud to say that we now are installing solar panels to help power our Houston operational headquarters. We anticipate these efforts to result in a reduction in TGS’ total office-related emissions by at least a third while we continue to explore other clean energy sources for our offices.”

In partnership with the building manager, The RMR Group, TGS conceptualized the project. Austin-based Freedom Solar, the leading turnkey solar energy installer in Texas, was selected to design and install the solar canopy.
The project has commenced and is set to complete in January 2022.

About TGS
TGS provides scientific data and intelligence to companies active in the energy sector. In addition to a global, extensive and diverse energy data library, TGS offers specialized services such as advanced processing and analytics alongside cloud-based data applications and solutions.

About Freedom Solar
Freedom Solar is the leader in turnkey solar installations in Texas, providing high-quality, cost-effective, reliable solar solutions for the residential and commercial markets. Also a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, Freedom Solar has installed more than 88 megawatts of solar panels since 2007 and ranks number 338 on Inc. magazine’s 500 fastest-growing private companies in America. The company has been recognized by Austin Energy as the number-one supplier of residential solar systems in Austin, by GreenTechMedia as the largest residential solar installer in Texas for three years running, and by the Austin Business Journal as the fourth-fastest-growing company in Central Texas and an Austin Business Journal Fast 50 company in 2020 ranking 15th in the over $10M in revenue category. Freedom Solar was named by the Austin Business Journal as a Best Place to Work in 2020 and 2019 and was ranked 99th on the 2020 Top Solar Contractors List by Solar Power World magazine, up from 129th last year. Freedom Solar has completed projects for numerous corporate clients including Whole Foods, Office Depot, Lake Flato Architects, and The University of Texas, among others. For more information, visit https://www.freedomsolarpower.com.

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