CALGARY, ALBERTA (19 April 2012) - TGS has entered into an agreement with Geo Webworks of Calgary to provide access to TGS' online library of digital well log data across Western Canada.  TGS currently has data available for 450,000 Canadian wells.

"We feel that our  database is a natural addition to the content of Geo Webworks, especially since the challenging resource plays in Canada demand the improved accuracy provided by our LAS Plus and Directional Survey Plus data types," commented John Adamick, Senior Vice President of Geological Products and Services at TGS.

Geo Webworks contains multiple GIS layers and includes a Frac Knowledge database, Well Spacing Module and an Acquisition and Divestment solution.   TGS' global well data library includes 6.6 million well logs from 32 countries that are available online via LOG-LINE Plus!®