HOUSTON (23 June 2011) - TGS has signed an agreement with Dolphin Geophysical Ltd. to jointly acquire, process and market multi-client 2D seismic data along Northwest Africa.  The survey will total 25,000 km of long offset seismic data in the offshore areas of multiple countries.  This program was designed based on the partnership's extensive geologic knowledge of the area.  Approximately 10,000 km of seismic data has been acquired to date using the M/V Artemis Atlantic and the remaining acquisition will continue into the second half of 2011. 

The data will improve the understanding of highly prospective areas along the Northwest African Passive Margin and adds to TGS' existing and continuous multi-client 2D seismic library along the African margin.

Data processing will be performed by TGS and certain data will be available to clients beginning in late 2011, with the full program completed in 2012.