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Complex-salt model building using a combination of interactive beam migration and layer-stripping RTM

June 8, 2010
A new salt velocity model building methodology is proposed which allows effective testing of different salt interpretation scenarios. In this methodology,.

Anisotropic Depth Migration and High-Resolution Tomography in Gulf of Mexico: A Case History

June 6, 2010
We present a case study of an anisotropic prestack depth migration (APSDM) project which used high-resolution, shallow tomography and anisotropic model.

The Structural Evolution and Tectonic Development of the Laptev Sea Region in Mesozoic and Cenozoic

June 5, 2010
This study is based on the series of field works on Bel kov Island (Eastern Laptev Sea region) and Khatanga Bay area (Western Laptev Sea region). It is.

Improved Sub-basalt Structural Imaging in the Faroe-Shetland Basin Using Full Sequence Migration Multi-velocity Analysis

June 3, 2010
It is widely accepted that the key to successful sub-basalt imaging in the Atlantic Margin region is to generate as much low frequency energy as possible..