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Current workflows for shale gas reservoir characterization

14 August 2013
n the last decade and more, shale gas resources have emerged as a viable energy source. This became possible after the Mississippian Barnett Shale in the.

Shale gas reservoir characterization workflows

26 November 2012
As shale gas resources have emerged as a viable energy source, their characterization has gained significance. The organic content in these shales which.

Seismic attribute expression of differential compaction

25 November 2012
In a marine environment, topographic features on the sea floor will usually be covered by a thick layer of shale with the rise of sea level, resulting in.

Interesting directions being pursued in seismic curvature attribute analysis

17 November 2012
Seismic curvature attribute analysis forms an integral part of most interpretation projects as they yield useful information that adds value for the.

New attribute for determination of lithology and brittleness

22 September 2012
The discrimination of fluid content and lithology in a reservoir is an important characterization that has a bearing on reservoir development and its.