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    TGS has created the most complete commercially available database of products in the Permian Basin. With over 430,000 wells, including thousands of previously unidentified wellbores and interpretation products to complement new and planned 3D seismic surveys as well as innovative seismic reservoir characterization products, TGS provides clients a comprehensive, high-quality database to evaluate the most prolific basin in the US.

    The Permian well database is available immediately through TGS’ R360 and LOG-LINE Plus!® web portals with basin-wide data packages covering the Midland, Delaware, or
    Central Platform regions, or over the entire Permian Basin. All data products come with 100% coverage of the wellbore system from surface to TD, have been quality controlled for completeness, and ensure all attributes such as depth, direction, height, and elevation meet the most stringent guidelines for accuracy.

    The advantages you’ll gain are practically limitless: shrewd fiscal deployment, better well planning, lower risk in a dense drilling environment, and better decisions to protect and build your bottom line. 

    Permian Basin2

    Maximize your investment potential with TGS.

  • Well Header and Directional Survey Data Comparison
    Publicly Available Data
    TGS Data
    Well Header

    10 digit
    12 digit
    Individual well events listed seperately
    sometimes, not all

    All wellbores identified
    Permit Number
    Deviation (Vertical, Horizontal, Directional)
    Surface Location✓  
    Orthorectified Surface Location, as drilled
    Bottomhole Location

    Bottomhole Location based on directional survey
    Locations provided in both NAD 27 & NAD 83
    Ground elevation
    Ground elevation verified with Digital Elevation Models
    Elevation Reference Datum (KB, DF, RT)
    Drillers Depth
    Loggers Depth
    Data Qualifiers on Depths, Dates, Elevations, and Locations
    Directional SurveyPDFDigital
    Directional Survey with all station/points and extensive 'run' data
    Directional Survey standardized North Reference
    Directional Survey standardized Projection and Zone
    Directional Survey standardized Datum
    Directional Survey standardized Units of Measure