OSLO, Norway (9 August 2021) – With safety paramount to its operations, TGS, a global provider of multiclient energy data and intelligence, today announced significant health and safety milestones –2.0 million man-hours without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) or Recordable Incident (Total Recordable Incident Rate or TRIR = 0.0), and zero COVID-19 incidents on field operations over the last 18 months (2020 through H1 2021).

Concurrently, since the start of the pandemic, there have been no work-related illnesses related to COVID-19 in any TGS office. The company proactively monitors the COVID situation on all of its field operations and routinely liaises with its contractors, employees, and clients to ensure proper mitigation measures are implemented and that country/health authority guidelines/restrictions are met.

As a multi-client service provider with an effective health and safety program, TGS is able to safely and effectively acquire energy data that benefits our customers, their energy needs, and their HSE and sustainability programs without the related risks.

Laura Arti, VP of Projects and Delivery, commented, “TGS HSE and project management teams place a strong emphasis on contractor/subcontractor management, ensuring risk assessments, bridging documents, medical emergency response plans, and project HSE plans are reviewed and followed by all contractors on all field operations. Because of this care and attention to HSE, the accomplishments we’ve achieved are a collective effort and success, underpinning our global commitment to HSE and sustainability in all areas of our work.

On behalf of the senior leadership team, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all TGS employees and contractors on these latest safety accomplishments. Behind these achievements stand a solid HSE culture that extends to all levels of the organization.”

Since 2010, TGS has tracked a total of 56,245,159 man-hours or exposure hours and, across that same time range, has averaged below its annual Total Recordable Incident and Lost Time Incident Rate targets (TRIR & LTIR, per 200,000 man-hours).

To ensure that Health and Safety are properly managed on field operations, TGS employs HSE field representatives that are responsible for conducting inspections, tracking HSE KPI’s, reporting on incidents and assisting in incident investigations (etc.) on behalf of TGS.

TGS views the health and safety of employees, contractors and the environment (HSE) as a top priority as governed by its Corporate Health & Safety and Environmental policies, and HSE-Management System.

About TGS
TGS provides scientific data and intelligence to companies active in the energy sector. In addition to a global, extensive and diverse energy data library, TGS offers specialized services such as advanced processing and analytics alongside cloud-based data applications and solutions.

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