OSLO, Norway (15 February 2022) - TGS, a global provider of energy data, data-driven solutions and intelligence, today announces Wind AXIOM. This unique wind data analytics platform enables offshore wind market stakeholders to assess risks and opportunities associated with impending and future offshore wind projects.

Wind AXIOM is designed to offer interactive feasibility analysis by aggregating many critical data categories in one place and subsequently enabling comprehensive benchmarking of current and future lease rounds. Combined with interactive visualization and analysis tools, Wind AXIOM provides new and easy-to-access insights for the offshore wind market.

Jan Schoolmeesters, EVP of Digital Energy Solutions at TGS, commented, “In the development of this easy-to-access platform, our mission was to improve the wind assessment experience for everyone. TGS has leveraged 40 years of data expertise, including that from subsidiary 4C Offshore, to help customers access multiple high-quality wind data resources in one place, screen offshore wind projects faster, and easily compare offshore wind lease opportunities across the globe. Wind AXIOM allows wind stakeholders to assess their potential investments and future opportunities.”

Wind AXIOM integrates and homogenizes a wide variety of data. Data types include high-resolution wind resource data, energy assessment, 4C Offshore market, regulatory and policy intelligence, environmental and marine use restrictions, bathymetry data, transmission infrastructure, and other data sources. These are analyzed together, providing early insights into the costs and risks of pursuing a particular lease area. As a result, this tool improves the quality and speed of decisions by offering a tailored experience for various participants of the offshore wind market, helping assess opportunities early and more efficiently.

To learn more or schedule a demo, visit TGS.com/wind-axiom or contact newenergy@tgs.com for more information.

Wind AXIOM - Screenshot

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