HOUSTON, Texas (21 February 2023) – TGS, a global provider of energy data and intelligence, today announced it has licensed its Carbon AXIOM platform and associated well data products to a major energy company for carbon capture utilization and storage. Carbon AXIOM now includes a detailed analysis of saline aquifer potential offshore Galveston, Texas.

This new analysis integrates the interpretation of over 550 wells from TGS’s unique well log database in addition to the detailed interpretation of the Phase 48 2D and Texas Renaissance 3D seismic datasets. Hundreds of meters of high-quality reservoirs are present in the Miocene section above smaller deep gas accumulations along the Galveston coast.

TGS’ subsurface characterization is delivered via the Carbon AXIOM web-based platform. Carbon AXIOM provides interactive vertical and horizontal differentiation of CO2 storage volumetrics and injectivity for each stratigraphic interval based on each aquifer’s reservoir characteristics. The platform delivers critical reservoir properties needed for assessing CO2 storage viability, including reservoir thickness, effective porosity, temperature, and pressure on an interrogable map of 1 km square grids.

Jan Schoolmeesters, EVP of Digital Energy Solutions at TGS, commented, “The Carbon AXIOM platform represents how TGS can leverage its vast subsurface expertise and data library to significantly contribute to those looking to invest in the carbon storage industry and take advantage of the opportunities presented by recent changes in US legislation. Licensing this groundbreaking product to a major North American carbon storage player strongly demonstrates the key role TGS data and insight can play in sequestration feasibility assessment.”

The Carbon AXIOM platform also enables the assessment of depleted oil and gas reservoirs for CCUS purposes along the Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi gulf coast regions.

TGS is actively leveraging its industry-leading well and seismic data library and its unique Basin Temperature Models and subsurface interpretation in nearly every major onshore basin to prospect for storage sites and deliver critical insights.

For more information, visit https://www.tgs.com/our-data/carbon-capture-and-storage/carbon-axiom.


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