TGS Provides Digital, Downloadable Oil and Gas Well Data

  • Built by customer demand, what began as a vast well log library has grown into a worldwide well data resource. 

    Rasters, LAS and LAS Plus

    Depth-calibrated smartRASTER® well logs are only one component of the well data library. Hundreds of thousands of global complete-curve LAS, LAS Plus and Workstation Ready formats are available immediately.

    Beyond Well Logs

    TGS has expanded its well data library to include US Production data, directional surveys, mud log data and formation tops. The collection of borehole data around the world continues to grow. Each new product line includes the same high standards of quality and customer service that are the hallmarks of TGS data. 

    TGS now has production data tied to Fields, Pools and Formations

    With the addition of Digital Petrodata LLC in October of 2015, TGS has added a nationwide GIS multi-client database containing every producing oil and gas field, pool, and formation in the United States. Additionally, GEONEWS™, a geospatially located and tagged database of current oil and gas news, is now added to TGS family of Geoscience products. Click here for more information.

    Customer Support

    TGS will do whatever it takes to get customers the data they need. The experienced customer support team serves well data clients with dedication and sense of urgency.

    For more information, contact TGS at one of the numbers listed below: 

    • US: 888 564-5463 (toll free inside US) or +1 281 319 4944
    • Canada: +1 403 781 1700 
    • UK: +44 (0) 208 339 4200