TGS has the Largest Online Well Log Database

  • Over Eight Million Rasters Worldwide

    TGS collects and digitizes well log data from the most popular hydrocarbon plays around the globe. Depending on customer project needs, the digital formats available for each well log range from depth-calibrated smartRASTER® image files to completely digitized and standardized LAS and LAS Plus curve suites.

    Each format can be conveniently accessed online through the new online well data portal R360™. For over fifteen years, LOG-LINE Plus!® and now R360™ has been the industry’s largest online collection of digital well log data. 

    Quality and Quantity

    Need complete-curve LAS? TGS digitizes 12-curve suites to provide the best data to customers and continues to add to the online database. The TGS collection has grown to include over 1,000,000 LAS digital wells in North America and well logs in 33 countries worldwide.


    Need data right away? Most well logs are available for immediate download. Browse R360™ by a specific region of interest or contact TGS for a detailed list of well logs available in a certain area. 

    • US: 888 564-5463 (toll free inside US) or +1 281 319 4944
    • Canada: +1 403 781 1700
    • UK: +44 (0) 208 339 4200