Latin America

Latin America holds some of the world’s largest reserves of oil, with many countries in the region supplying their products to a global market. TGS follows regional and country market trends and business environments when seeking out new opportunities for investment. The TGS exploration programs are most often built around country specific licensing rounds and are designed to provide regional geological understanding. A typical set of integrated products would include regional 2D seismic, basin wide 3D seismic, gravity, magnetics, well data packages, regional multibeam, geochemical analysis, and varied interpretive products using all datasets available.

Mexican Gulf of Mexico

Mexico is considered to have large oil and gas resources and may also be one of the largest and currently underexplored areas with great reserves potential. 


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Brazil’s offshore basins are some of the most prolific basins in the world and home for some of the largest offshore oil discoveries in the last decade.

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  • Santos 3D SPU-TGS (1)

    Santos Basin Project Expansion

    TGS and Spectrum have joined forces and expanded the Santos 3D program to 15,000 square kilometers over the prospective southern Santos Basin offshore Brazil. TGS and Spectrum will be equal partners with data processing and imaging to be performed by TGS.  The survey covers an area south of the high-profile discoveries of the Santos Basin and the recent sought-after blocks offered in Rounds 2,3,4,5 and 15.

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    Brazil Multibeam & Seep Study Project

    TGS announces the Brazil Southern Basins SeaSeep Project in the Campos and Santos Basins, offshore Brazil. The project will cover existing TGS surveys in these hydrocarbon rich basins as well as the highly prospective Pre Salt trend where many untested structures exist. 
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    Mexico Well Data

    The Mexico Well Performance Database is updated monthly, as data Open Data (Datos Abiertos) and is made publicly available from The Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos and it's Centro Nacional de Informacion de Hidrocarburos (CNIH). TGS sources public multiple data files and extensively reviews and merges the files to ensure that the data is the most complete, accurate, and timely Mexico Production Data available. Access all Mexico onshore and offshore well level monthly oil and gas production with statistical production cum volumes, decline curves, and forecasted EURs.

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