Basin Temperature Modeling

High-Quality Temperature Data for Assessing Sedimentary Basins

Understanding temperature variation across a basin is a fundamental component of successful onshore hydrocarbon exploration


These large scale temperature models, built by the industry's largest subsurface data library are designed to significantly enhance exploration success. TGS has developed the MaxG methodology for generating consistent 3D Basin Temperature Models using our vast data library, delivered in industry standard SEG-Y format for easy integration and versatile use.

Unlike other methods,  TGS' MaxG method calibrates the interval geothermal gradient models to the maximum of the layer bottom hole temperature data and incorporates lithofacies variations to provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution. 

TGS Basin Temperature Modeling Onshore US


  • Indexed and QC’d BHTs, mud weight, elevation data, and Time Since Circulation values for approximately 10,000 logs
  • A consistent set of litho-stratigraphic picks for 2,000-5,000 wells
  • Depth and temperature grids for each litho-stratigraphic surface
  • 4 temperature volumes for the basin in SEG-Y format
  • BTM report and Tops report


  • Quality Assurance – all data has been validated by our technical specialists and integrated with our advanced interpretation techniques
  • Saves time – an easy to load Basin Temperature Model that affords Geoscientists more time to evaluate the basin and spend less time managing data
  • Saves money – provides better value for money than purchasing each element separately.
  • Easy to Use – delivered in industry standard formats allowing ease of loading into any software


anadarko BTM 3D2

Onshore Basins

TGS' has BTM's across many prolific US Onshore Basins; including Anadarko, Permian, and Powder River Basin.

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