US Well Completion Data

The analysis of a well’s production as it relates to completion techniques is a key metric for today’s unconventional market.

Allows a user to generate specific, custom tailored studies and interpreted products 

New Well Completion Data Attributes to be added:

  1. Lateral Length
  2. Drilling Days
  3. No. of Frac Stages
  4. Stage Length
  5. Amount of Frac Fluid
  6. Type of Frac Fluid
  7. Amount of Proppant
  8. Type of Proppant
  9. Treatment Remarks
  10. Max Treatment Rate (BBLS/Min)
  11. Max Treatment Pressure (PSI)
  12. Choke Size

There are various ways to analyze data in core basins when combining Well Performance Data with Forecasted Ultimates (EUR). Including key Completion Data in the analysis provides an idea of well cost - ultimately you’re identifying profitable places to drill. Interpretations of the data can be made for single wells and entire basins by relating the EUR of a well, how much cost went into the well, and the various type of Completion process deployed to get the desired well performance results.

TGS Completion Data will be delivered in Longbow which will allow users to query and view the completion information along with well performance and EURs, making analysis quicker and easier.

How Completion data can be used in Longbow

These examples are from other presentations as the Completion Data product is not yet ready for delivery

Lateral Length - showing its influence on Performance EUR: Can be done on a well by well basis or an entire basin level. Shows normalizing or Type Curve on Lateral Length, how lateral length affects Well Performance.

Various Basin Analytics:

  • Avg Lateral Length by Year
    Increasing Lateral Length and impact on First Sales 
  • Avg Frac Stages vs Frac Stage Length per well
    Decreasing the stage length while increasing the # of stages, and impact on EUR
  • Avg Drilling Days vs MD
    Increasing drilling efficiency – shorten Drilling days while increasing Lat Length.
  • EUR per 1000‘ of Lateral Length
    EUR vs Development cost
  • Bubble Map: Well Performance (EUR) vs key completion factors (Lateral Length, Stages). What is the performance, value in BOE, of a well versus the type of completion executed?

Bubble map

  • Scatter Plot: Oil & Gas Ultimate and Max Treatment Rate over Lateral Length

scatter plot web

We are plotting the Oil and Gas EUR and the Max Treatment Rate of Frac Fluid (measured in BBLS/min) over the Lateral Length.  This visualization displays how the Lateral Length and treatment rate affect the wells Ultimate Performance.

Dark Contour


Built with customers in mind, LONGBOWis the well performance data query and export tool used to browse, visualize and export data in leading industry formats from the nationwide database.