TGS Wells Package

The industry's most accurate down-hole wellbore information and location data from surface to total depth

We find 20% more wellbores and correct more than 80% of well locations than reported by regulatory agencies to provide data you can trust. TGS' Validated Well Headers (VWH) and Directional Surveys provide critical well header, location, and borehole information associated to the correct wellbore for accurate well planning, interpretation and asset evaluation. TGS validates every well to assure that every borehole is identified and that the information associated with it is correct.
  • Validated well headers with H-Diagram
  • Directional Survey Plus (DS+) - Superior well path control
  • Basic directional surveys

VWH with HValidated Well Header (VWH) with H-Diagram

Correctly identifying every wellbore, verifying well locations, and wellbore paths reduces risk and produces better interpretations. TGS' high-quality data will save you the time of having to clean up data and accelerates the decision-making process.

Validated Well Header (VWH):
  • Surface location confidence with orthorectified surface locations
  • Bottom hole location confidence with accurate bottom hole locations calculated from directional surveys
  • Trusted ground elevations using Digital Elevation Models and reference elevations from the extensive TGS well log library
  • Visual representation of all wellbores within the well system (H-Diagram)
  • Qualifiers to provide data quality assurance
  • The ability to accurately assign log/well data to the correct wellbore
Directional Survey Plus (DS+):
  • Positioning confidence
    • Captures all station/points and extensive ‘run’ data fields that regulatory agencies do not
  • Standardized to True North or Grid North, same datum, and same units of measure to plot correctly
  • Minimum Curvature calculation method for point data
  • TGS point data entry utilizes a double entry process to ensure accuracy and eliminate errors
  • Raw data is available, including partial surveys that do not go from surface to TD, but that can provide useful directional and spatial information
DirSurvey3 - New RS for web
Three wellbores were unrecognized by all industry/state well records (only the wellbore in blue was reported). The 4 wellbores identified and correctly positioned by TGS are shown in purple. Surface location was corrected and well paths were plotted accurately using the true spatial coordinates. 
The well location reported by the state (pink arrow) shows no indication of a well being drilled in that location. Using plats, footage calls, elevation data, and drilling dates the actual well spot can be correctly placed 662’ NW on the drilling pad. 

Validated Well Header and Directional Survey Plus Data Comparison

Publicly Available Data TGS Data
Well Header
API 10 digit 12 digit
Individual well events listed separately Sometimes, not all
All wellbores identified
Permit Number
Deviation (Vertical, Horizontal, Directional)
Surface Location
Orthorectified Surface Location, as drilled
Bottomhole Location
Bottomhole Location based on directional survey
Locations provided in both NAD 27 & NAD 83
Ground elevation
Ground elevation verified with Digital Elevation Models
Elevation Reference Datum (KB, DF, RT)
Drillers Depth
Loggers Depth
Data Qualifiers on Depths, Dates, Elevations, and Locations
Directional Survey PDF Digital
Directional Survey with all station/points and extensive 'run' data
Directional Survey standardized North Reference
Directional Survey standardized Projection and Zone
Directional Survey standardized Datum
Directional Survey standardized Units of Measure

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