Validated Well Header (VWH)

The ultimate quality-control, in which all TGS data types are tied to a single validated well header, ensuring optimal well system accuracy

Incomplete, low quality and inaccessible data have plagued the industry for years. The Validated Well Header provides confidence in the data and allows you to see all of the well bores associated to a single hole in the ground, with detailed header information, orthorecified surface locations and verified ground elevations. An H-diagram provides a visual representation of the well system.

All TGS data are tied to the common, validated header – the correct data associated to the correct wellbore provides for better interpretation and decision making, as well as reducing risk so that you can truly see energy, and harness its full potential.

Validated Well Header

TGS has validated nearly 2 million wells across key areas of the U.S. That means we have accurate, big-picture data that you can act on now. When you partner with TGS you have more effective ways to eliminate risks in your exploration program – risks that can threaten your budget, your schedule, and your environmental record.

We give you the right data, in the right place, at the right time, so you can see a clearer picture, and make better decisions.

Well Header and Directional Survey Data Comparison

Publicly Available Data TGS Data
Well Header
API 10 digit 12 digit
Individual well events listed separately Sometimes, not all
All wellbores identified
Permit Number
Deviation (Vertical, Horizontal, Directional)
Surface Location
Orthorectified Surface Location, as drilled
Bottomhole Location
Bottomhole Location based on directional survey
Locations provided in both NAD 27 & NAD 83
Ground elevation
Ground elevation verified with Digital Elevation Models
Elevation Reference Datum (KB, DF, RT)
Drillers Depth
Loggers Depth
Data Qualifiers on Depths, Dates, Elevations, and Locations
Directional Survey PDF Digital
Directional Survey with all station/points and extensive 'run' data
Directional Survey standardized North Reference
Directional Survey standardized Projection and Zone
Directional Survey standardized Datum
Directional Survey standardized Units of Measure

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