Permian Basin Structural Model

Covering Over 38 Distinct Horizons

The TGS best-in-class Permian Basin structural model is divided into 38 horizons over three sub-basin models: the Delaware Basin, Central Basin Platform and Midland Basin. Stratigraphic tops are expertly picked in-house by experienced geoscientists with a consistent top definition that rely on comprehensive academic studies and years of experience working in the Permian. The tops have been defined to the most precise unit with optimal production statistics.

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Structural_Model_Illustration_With_Tops (002)_combined-1

The model covers 38 total horizons over all three sub-basins. All horizons are expertly picked and consistent and have been reconciled between sub-basin units to create a unified model.


  • Consistent set of formation top picks across a stratigraphic basin
  • The tops are defined to the most precise stratigraphic unit with optimal production statistics
  • Detailed documentation defining logic and reasoning behind formation top picks


  • R360 delivery for basin or well-by-well tops
  • Includes detailed documentation for each sub-basin

Woodford Structure


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