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Shale gas reservoir characterization workflows

26 November 2012
As shale gas resources have emerged as a viable energy source, their characterization has gained significance. The organic content in these shales which.

Seismic attribute expression of differential compaction

25 November 2012
In a marine environment, topographic features on the sea floor will usually be covered by a thick layer of shale with the rise of sea level, resulting in.

Remove RTM Artifacts Using Delayed Imaging Time Gathers

24 November 2012
In RTM imaging, double top salt (DTS) is frequently seen but difficult to remove by conventional post-RTM processing. This paper analyzes the DTS.

Q tomography towards true amplitude image and improve sub-karst image

23 November 2012
A frequency domain tomographic inversion was developed to estimate frequency dependent energy attenuation by using prestack depth migration common image.

Limits on resolution enhancement for multicomponent data

21 November 2012
Two methods have recently been published for carrying out nonstationary spectral broadening (and narrowing) of PS data after it has been mapped into the.

Marine broadband seismic: Is the earth response helping the resolution revolution?

21 November 2012
Broadband seismic aims to provide a greater richness of both (a), robust low frequencies – ideal for deep structure imaging, and (b), high frequencies –.

Lifetime stability and reliability of fibre-optic seismic sensors for permanent reservoir monitoring

20 November 2012
Permanent reservoir monitoring (PRM) using seabed arrays of seismic sensors is becoming a well recognised tool for optimizing production and increasing.

Least-squares reverse time migration: towards true amplitude imaging and improving the resolution

19 November 2012
A 3D inversion based Least-Squares Reverse Time Migration (LSRTM) technique was developed. The algorithm uses the RTM as the forward modeling and.

Iterative velocity model building using GPU based layer-stripping TTI RTM

18 November 2012
The technology of using Tilted Transverse Isotropic Reverse Time Migration (TTI RTM) for subsalt velocity model building has been playing an important.

Interesting directions being pursued in seismic curvature attribute analysis

17 November 2012
Seismic curvature attribute analysis forms an integral part of most interpretation projects as they yield useful information that adds value for the.

Improvements in time domain FWI and its applications

16 November 2012
In this abstract, we describe how to improve time domain full waveform inversion using source wavelet convolution, windowed back propagation and source.

Improved time and anisotropic depth imaging in the Appalachian Foothills

15 November 2012
We present an imaging methodology that resulted in significant enhancements in defining the subsurface geology in a survey in the Appalachian Foothills..

Improved quality for common focusing point data regularization

14 November 2012
The data driven 3D true azimuth Common Focusing Point (CFP) data regularization technique is a multi-dimensional data regularization tool. It can be used.

High-resolution Moveout Transform; a robust technique for modeling stackable seismic events

12 November 2012
We propose a time-domain approach to transform a gather of pre-stack seismic data into an ensemble of highlyresolved traces in the transformed domain..

Enhanced imaging using bandwidth extending operators and pre-stack Q-inversion over the northwest European volcanic margin

10 November 2012
Extensive sequences of flood basalts dominate the northwest European Atlantic margin. The basalt flows absorb and scatter the higher frequencies present.

Directional Imaging Stack (DIS) for Shot Based Pre-stack Depth Migrations

07 November 2012
Shot based pre-stack depth migrations such as RTM are used to generate a partial image volume for each input shot gather. The conventional migrated image.

Compensating visco-acoustic effects in anisotropic resverse-time migration

06 November 2012
Anelastic properties of the earth cause frequency dependent energy attenuation and phase distortion in seismic wave propagation. It is preferred that.

Complex Structural Imaging in the Tarakan Basin – A Case Study, Offshore Indonesia

05 November 2012
Increased industry exploration interest in the Tarakan Basin, offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia, has stimulated a need for 3D seismic data that.

5D leakage: measuring what 5D interpolation misses

03 November 2012
5D interpolation methods have proven to be capable of overcoming the constraints of actual data acquisition in a wide range of situations. However, in.

Bringing broadband to the subsea

01 November 2012
Seismic data acquired with an airgun source and recorded on pressure sensors has been the standard for offshore oil and gas exploration for many years..