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Hoop Basin: Drilling success and playground for new exploration methods

01 September 2014
The Hoop Fault Complex area of the Barents Sea has seen great exploration success lately. The area offers a condensed Paleozoic and Mesozoic succession.

Eastern Canada has plenty to offer

01 May 2014
Exploration off eastern Canada has become somewhat muted. But a recent renaissance of drilling and seismic activity has unearthed new reserves, new basins.

Early basin insights and AVO supported leads from new long offset 2D seismic data, Labrador Sea, Canada

01 March 2014
The first regionally extensive long offset 2D seismic program has been acquired in the slope and deepwater regions of the Labrador Sea, offshore Canada..

New insights on the Alaskan Chukchi Sea

01 March 2014
operationally challenging, environmentally sensitive and seasonally limited; the vast bounds of the underexplored basins of the arctic region remain of.

Danish sector: Insight into mature and deeper plays

01 October 2013
TGS' new regional 2D long-offset seismic survey of the Danish sector employs innovative processing techniques already proven in the North Sea and around.

Implementation of Kirchhoff prestack depth migration on GPU

17 September 2013
The massively parallel nature of Graphics Processing Units has made them an attractive platform for some computationally intensive algorithms. This.

Enhancement of seismic data quality and interpretation for mapping base Zubair sands of Southeast Kuwait

16 September 2013
The Lower Zubair sand reservoirs have produced or shown oil in several but not all of the wells drilled in western and southeastern Kuwait. Evidence from.

Broadband processing of linear streamer data

15 September 2013
Conventional marine seismic data is affected by the interference from ghosts on both the source and receiver sides. The natural diversity provided by.

Anisotropic model building with structurally constrained tomography inversion: A case study from the Angola Basin

14 September 2013
The Angola basin is characterized by steeply dipping sediments with rapid changes in dip direction particularly in mini-basins between salt bodies. This.

Angle domain illumination analysis along a target horizon

12 September 2013
We develop an efficient scheme of illumination analysis along a target horizon. With this scheme, we can calculate the Directional Illumination (DI) from.