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Broadband processing of linear streamer data

15 September 2013
Conventional marine seismic data is affected by the interference from ghosts on both the source and receiver sides. The natural diversity provided by.

Anisotropic model building with structurally constrained tomography inversion: A case study from the Angola Basin

14 September 2013
The Angola basin is characterized by steeply dipping sediments with rapid changes in dip direction particularly in mini-basins between salt bodies. This.

Angle domain illumination analysis along a target horizon

12 September 2013
We develop an efficient scheme of illumination analysis along a target horizon. With this scheme, we can calculate the Directional Illumination (DI) from.

A case study for salt model building using CFP full azimuth data

10 September 2013
We present a case study of the salt model building for a Gulf of Mexico area with a full azimuth (FAZ) dataset that was created by merging two orthogonal.

3D imaging from 2D seismic data, an enhanced methodology

08 September 2013
We have developed an enhanced methodology for creating a 3D seismic migration volume from a set of 2D seismic lines. The key challenge is to interpolate.

3C receiver orientation estimation by stack power optimization of reflected PS data

02 September 2013
In land multi-component (MC) data processing, the orientation of each receiver's horizontal components in the field (H1 and H2) is seldom known.

Increasing the bandwidth of marine seismic data - broadband

01 September 2013
Broadband seismic data is data that is rich in both low and high frequencies. High frequencies increase temporal resolution, and low frequencies reduce.

The value of PRM in enabling high-payback IOR Programs

01 September 2013
Innovative uses of seabed seismic technology will help operators glean billions from new and mature fields. High-potential returns with low risk and lower.

Current workflows for shale gas reservoir characterization

14 August 2013
n the last decade and more, shale gas resources have emerged as a viable energy source. This became possible after the Mississippian Barnett Shale in the.

Key processing techniques for pre-salt plays

02 August 2013
Abacia de Campos do Brasil é uma das regiões offshore mais ativas e prósperas de petróleo e gás no mundo, com o maior número de descobertas de petróleo e.