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Data Delivery

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A flexible array of data delivery options for geological and well data

TGS provides several delivery methods and formats to create a seamless experience and minimize transfer time. Our geological data is available through R360 or the TGS Data Lake API via industry standard delivery formats for digital logs and basin models. On the well data side, we offer 6 standard delivery formats through our visualization and analytics platform, Longbow, and SQL Direct Connect, in addition to several customized third-party export formats to optimize the drag-and-drop process.

TGS Data Lake


Geological Data Delivery

  • R360: View and Purchase
  • Data Lake API (including OSDU)
  • CSV: Directional Surveys, Stacked Headers, Structural Models
  • LAS: LAS, LAS+, Mud Logs, Lithology Logs, Analytic Ready LAS, and Petrophysical Interpretation Logs
  • SIF (Calibration) & TIFF (Image): Rasters
  • PDF: Well Reports (Domestic and International)

Well Data Delivery

  • Longbow: Visualization and Analytics Platform
  • Direct Connect (SQL)
  • Longbow CSV
  • 297C / 298C & 297F / 298F
  • Lasser Data (PRN)
  • ASCII 2 & ASCII 4
  • Third-Party Specific Export Formats (e.g., PHDWin, ARIES, OFM)

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